Gloss Media is a division of Ubiquitous Media and was established by a team
of Out of Home media veterans. Gloss Media and it’s digital narrowcasting network coined Gloss TV, exclusively targets women while providing customized marketing opportunities to acheive our Advertiser’s objectives.

Through a nationwide network of upscale Nail Salons & Spas, Gloss Media
offers both digital and experiential touch points for advertisers to integrate into
a female-centric environment which is frequented often and by women whom
are in errand mode and receptive to messaging. Gloss Media recognizes and caters to the always growing importance of the female shopper, mother, career
woman, trendsetter and recommender.

Given the unique combination of significant dwell time, female focus and
captive retail environment, we are convinced that there exists no more
effective network in the Out of Home market today. Nail Salon advertising
provides maximum impact for advertisers.

Recent studies have shown that Digital Out of Home or “Narrowcasting”
ranks high in consumer awareness, recall of advertising, and enjoyment
which is good news for Gloss TV which is expanding its network of Nail Salon partners every month, increasing our current deployment in the top 10 DMAs.